Does R-Line need to be stored in the fridge?

Due to the high solids content R-Line gels and syrup concentrates are nearly self-preserving (think honey). However, to make sure our product is as fresh as possible we add minimal preservative to give consumers peace and mind there are no nasties. Diluted R-Line Electrolyte and Activity drinks should be consumed within a few days. Refrigeration [...]

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Will I have to sign for my delivery?

By default, our deliveries do not require signatures. If you have special instructions on where to leave the parcel, please enter this information in "Order Notes". If you want to sign for the delivery, please specify in your order notes that you want to sign for the pack and we will try to accomodate [...]


My coupon isn’t working, what should I do?

A lot of our coupons only work on this page This isn’t always the case but is the most common issue and first thing to check. Our coupons have a lot of settings. If yours isn’t working, check or contact

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How can I use gift certificates?

Our Gift Certificates are super easy to use, they are like using cash on the website. We generally supply them as prizes for some events, and they often go to category winners. Just pick any item you want, and when you get to the Checkout or Cart, just add the Gift Certificate code in the Have a Promotional Code section. Gift Certificates can also be [...]

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How long will delivery take?

During summer, orders are dispatched daily. However, orders may only be displaced three times a week during winter. Most North Island deliveries get to their destination within a couple of days. For the South Island, Christchurch can be as quick as a couple of days, and further south, or further afield can push delivery [...]


Can I get a tracking number?

We have a couple of different courier systems we work with so we don't send out tracking numbers unless they are requested, and usually, the packs are received so quickly, this system works fine. To request a tracking number, email and we will typically be able to get a number to you within [...]


What is R-Line Reload Gel?

R-Line Reload Gel is our original gel. It contains concentrated glucose and maltodextrin in an easy to consume syrup. Nutritionally maltodextrin and glucose are almost identical, but they differ in sweetness. Maltodextrin is just a few molecules of glucose bonded together, and it breaks down into glucose very quickly when you drink it. We use [...]


What is R-Line Electrolyte Drink?

In NZ and Australia, the Food Standards Code defines electrolyte drinks as requiring more than 10mmol sodium, and between 5-10% carbs. R-Line Electrolyte Drink, and R-Line Activity drink both fit into this definition. R-Line has just short of 40mmol sodium which puts us at the higher end of the range for sodium content. There is [...]


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