When is the best time to sample R-Line Electrolyte Drink?

Always try first at training so you know how your body will react. The golden rule is to not use an electrolyte drink, or any form of sports nutrition, for the first time during competition. Sports people, especially younger athletes, can sometimes get carried away and over consume. This can result in a sore belly, and [...]


Why is R-Line a syrup and not a powdered concentrate?

When R-Line was first being developed, we intended on producing a powdered product. However, like many great inventions (such as chocolate chip cookies) a liquid concentrate came about by accident. Making prototypes of powdered products involves weighing out insanely small amounts of powdered essences and we overcame this by creating syrup dilutions that we could [...]

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Does R-Line need to be stored in the fridge?

Due to the high solids content R-Line gels and syrup concentrates are nearly self-preserving (think honey). However, to make sure our product is as fresh as possible we add minimal preservative to give consumers peace and mind there are no nasties. Diluted R-Line Electrolyte and Activity drinks should be consumed within a few days. Refrigeration [...]

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What is R-Line Electrolyte Drink?

In NZ and Australia, the Food Standards Code defines electrolyte drinks as requiring more than 10mmol sodium, and between 5-10% carbs. R-Line Electrolyte Drink, and R-Line Activity drink both fit into this definition. R-Line has just short of 40mmol sodium which puts us at the higher end of the range for sodium content. There is [...]

Is it ok to water down R-Line?

Most sports drink guidance ranges down to 4% carbs, and R-Line is around 6.5%, so watering it down a little should keep it well within this range if you feel that it suits your needs better. R-Line is very high in electrolyte content, so even when watered down a little, the electrolyte content remains high.


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