Gift Certificates and Coupons

Gift Certificates

Our Gift Certificates are super easy to use, they are like using cash on the website. We generally supply them as prizes for some events, and they often go to category winners.

Just pick any item you want, and when you get to the Checkout or Cart, just add the Gift Certificate code in the Have a Promotional Code section. Gift Certificates can also be split across orders. For instance, you could use half today, and half in a few months time. They don’t expire.


Coupons are a little different and can be a bit more customised than gift certificates. We usually use coupons on leaflets and emails. They offer us a lot of flexibility and we can set them as a $ or % discount. We can also ensure that they only apply to specific products or categories of product, or have limited use e.g. 1 per person.

There is one issue though… we offer free delivery on orders over $20. If you have a coupon for a 10% discount and apply it to a standard single product, then the price will go down to $18, but you will be charged for shipping and the overall price can go up. This is why we designed the product listing on this page to fix up this problem. You will always get free shipping on this item whatever the price may be.

Entering Your Code

You enter your coupon code, or gift certificate at either the cart or the checkout. If you are having any difficulty with a coupon code or a gift certificate, email and she will be able to give you some help. Alternatively, message us on Facebook or Instagram and we will see what we can do.