Check out our Sistema 700ml sports drink bottles. These are made right here in NZ and we have been stocking them for nearly 10 years. They have stood the test of time.

They have a no drip lid and are dishwasher safe, but what makes them even better is that they have a ‘fill line’ on the side. We didn’t put the line there on purpose, its just part of the standard design and happens to be right on the 70ml mark. Also, the bottles are clear, so if you prefer your R-Line a little watered down, or stronger, you can put your own mark on the bottle.

The bottles aren’t coloured in any way; in the photo they’re just filled with our delicious R-Line hydration drink. A lot of teams have water bottles and sports drink side by side, so by using our coloured range of drinks in these bottles eliminates the potential embarrassment of a muddy face washdown with our refreshing R-Line Electrolyte Drink 🙂 – It has happened before with colourfree R-Line!

If you require a larger quantity of bottles, please contact us on for a quote.