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Quinn Boyle
Quinn BoyleUltra Endurance Swimmer
Quinn found his passion of ultra endurance swimming at a very early age. He has swum across NZ’s largest lake and at 16, was the first athlete to finish the 24.2m Firth of Thames Ultra Marathon Swim in 2022! He may be too young, but Boyle is determined to reach greater heights!
Hayley Mackey
Hayley MackeyJudo
Hayley’s love for judo turned to global success with her first international medal at the Algiers African Open in 2022. Being part of the Judo NZ team, it looks like the world stage will be her home for quite some time representing Aotearoa New Zealand.
Ella Cooper- Levin
Ella Cooper- LevinEquestrian
Ella has championed several equestrian competitions all over the country, including the Thoroughbreds in Equestrian Dressage series.The sport she’s into maybe dominated by male equestrians, but she’s breaking stereotypes and continuously excelling in the field.

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