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Batch Tested 101382 R-Line Electrolyte Concentrate ~ Lemon and Lime


New Zealand made sports drink concentrate

Specifically designed for endurance, performance and speedy hydration, R-Line Lemon and Lime Electrolyte Drink is packed with the perfect combination of electrolytes and carbohydrates so you can go faster and harder, for longer. This one litre concentrated bottle can make 10 litres of electrolyte drink. Lemon and Lime is our most popular electrolyte drink! This refreshing flavour will leave you feeling energised and hydrated to help keep you moving no matter what type of exercise you’re doing. R-Line is manufactured in New Zealand to ensure a fresh taste we know you will love.

The not so sweet electrolyte drink

R-Line has been formulated for Kiwi taste buds and it isn’t as sweet as the big American brands. R-Line’s carefully crafted carbohydrate mix is designed to refuel your body without being tough on your stomach.

Rehydrate Refuel Rebound - 300

A rehydration drink that tastes great

Lets face it, a lot of powdered electrolyte drinks taste a little bland and flat. We only use natural essences and produce in small batches which is why  R-Line is so fresh and fruity.

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R-Line is the versatile hydration drink – super refreshing before, during and after sports & exercise.

Ingredients: Water, sucrose, glucose, maltodextrin, acidity regulators (330,331), sodium chloride, natural lemon and lime flavour, preservative (202, 211), colour (102, 133).

Nutrition panel is shown in images above.

Batch 101382 is batch tested. Ensure that the product you receive has this number applied to it.

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