Lake Taupō Cycle Challenge Half Price Gel Starter Pack

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Options 1: Buy 1x Reload Gel and Flask – Usually $35, pay $17.50. Available in Lemon and Lime or Raspberry

Option 2: Buy 1x Refuel Gel and Flask – Usually $40, pay $20. Available in Blueberry or Orange

Option 3: Buy 1x Reload Gel, 1x Refuel and Flask – Usually $75, pay $37.50

Alternatively, you can also double up on Reload ($35 total) or Refuel ($40 total) so you can try both flavours in the range.

Coupon code gelstarter will be applied automatically when you reach the checkout if this is your first order.

Product Details

R-Line Reload Gel is your perfect training and performance partner. Just fill the sipper bottle (pictured) with our bulk gel and off you go. Squeeze out as much or as little as you want. Just remember to wash it down with some water – for each 40 ml serve (1/3 sipper bottle), drink between 200-400ml water.

Each 1000ml bottle contains 25 gel serves and 120ml sipper bottles take 3 serves. Ditch the single serve gels and save some money at the same time.

Made in NZ with the same premium natural flavour as our electrolyte drink.

Reload Ingredients: Water, maltodextrin, glucose, acidity regulator (330, 331), natural flavour, preservative (202, 211)

Refuel Ingredients: Water, maltodextrin, fructose, acidity regulator (330), natural flavour, preservatives (202, 211)

Nutrition panels and technical below in Description.

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Reload Gel Nutrition Information


Refuel Gel Nutrition Information

What is the Difference Between Refuel Gel and Reload Gel?

Simply put, you can consume more Refuel Gel than Reload Gel per hour.

Reload Gel is a glucose based product. The carb content consists of glucose and maltodextrin only. Maltodextrin is just made up of units of glucose. We recommend that you only consume 60g carbs (glucose equivalent) per hour of this product.

Refuel Gel on the other hand is based on glucose and fructose – this is what is often nutritionally called multiple transportable carbohydrates. By combining these two carbohydrate sources, you should be aiming for up to 90g per hours of carbs from this product. Based on this, you can consume one of our 3-serve flasks of Refuel Gel every 50 minutes.



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