Lake Taupō Cycle Challenge R-Line Starter Pack

Original price was: $29.00.Current price is: $22.00.

Never tried R-Line before*? Get a free drink bottle with this coupon restricted deal

Embark on the R-Line journey with our exclusive starter pack, now priced at $22.00. Tailored for newcomers, this deal offers a complimentary sports bottle when you purchase a 1L bottle of our electrolyte concentrate.

Choose from our selection of nine delightful flavours, each crafting a refreshing 10 litres of goodness.

Our custom-designed bottles are perfect for both team and individual sports, featuring a soft feel, hygiene nozzle, and convenient fill lines.

As a bonus, the order includes a coupon for a free dispenser pump via a coupon on your next purchase.

Experience the freshness and versatility of R-Line today!


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This deal is exclusive to new customers who haven’t previously purchased any of our Electrolyte Drink or Activity Drink Starter Packs. Limit one starter pack per customer. Subsequent orders of the starter pack won’t include the free bottle and pump coupon.

Simply add this product to your cart, and at the checkout, the free bottle and pump coupon (for redemption on your next order) will be automatically included in your order.
*Free residential shipping. Rural delivery incurs an additional fee.


Do You Know…

The terms electrolyte drink, sports drink, hydration/rehydration drink are often used interchangeably to describe products like R-Line. Only the term electrolyte drink is protected under New Zealand and Australian law though.

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