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Refuel Gel – Orange


This gel is made with a dual action carbohydrate system and is designed for multi-hour endurance. Just fill up our 3 serve flask and you are on your way.

What makes this gel different? Apart from the reusable flask, we believe this gel is truly unique and utilises a world first technology that was 8 years in development. Our breakthrough SRT system (Sweetness Reduction Technology) has allowed us to craft this product to be nutritionally superior, while giving us total control over the product sweetness.

Size: 1000ml gel. 25 serves of 40ml, and each 120ml sipper bottle takes 3 serves.

Ingredients: Water, maltodextrin, fructose, citric acid, natural flavour, preservatives (sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate)


When to Use Refuel Gel

During: Use during exercise with water

After: Use after exercise during your recovery.


What is the Difference Between Refuel Gel and Reload Gel?

Simply put, you can consume more Refuel Gel (90g of carbs) than Reload Gel (60g of carbs) per hour.

Reload Gel is a glucose based product. The carb content consists of glucose and maltodextrin only. Maltodextrin is just made up of units of glucose. We recommend that you only consume 60g carbs (glucose equivalent) per hour of this product. That’s about one flask every 75 minutes.

Refuel Gel on the other hand is based on glucose and fructose – this is what is often called multiple transportable carbohydrates. By combining these two carbohydrate sources, you should be aiming for up to 90g per hour of carbs from this product. Based on this, you can consume one of our 3-serve flasks of Refuel Gel every 50 minutes.

The Role of Fructose. Many sports nutrition companies list fructose on an ingredients listing to show it is in there, but don’t specify the amount they add. This means you are probably getting very little of this endurance nutrition powerhouse. Our labels are fully transparent as to how much we use. Fructose is intensely sweet so it is very difficult to achieve a 2:1 ratio of glucose to fructose, while making  a product that also tastes great. We are proud to have finally developed the ingredient and process technology to solve this problem. You will find that our Reload Gel and Refuel Gel have similar levels of sweetness.

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