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Sports Drink Bottle


The new 950ml sports drink bottles are a great addition for sporting teams. The attention to detail with the hygiene spout, which eliminates the need to touch the bottle lid with hands or mouth, is a valuable feature for maintaining hygiene during sports activities.

The fact that these bottles are dishwasher safe makes them convenient for cleaning and reuse. Additionally, the inclusion of a ‘fill line’ on the side of the bottle allows users to easily measure and control the amount of concentrate they pour into the bottle. The clear strip alongside the fill line is a clever addition that enables users to personalise their drink by marking their preferred water-to-concentrate drink ratio.

These innovative bottles offer a practical, stylish, and durable solution for athletes to mix R-Line and stay hydrated during workouts and competitions. They seem to be a perfect accessory for sporting teams across different codes.

If you need a larger quantity of these bottles, you can contact John at for a quote. He will be able to provide you with the necessary information and pricing details based on your requirements.

Overall, these sports drink bottles offer a great combination of functionality and design, making them an ideal choice for athletes and sports teams.


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