Sons of Tangaroa Summer Club Champs

In the summer of 2023-2024 we are mixing it up a bit with a new style of comp. We will keep the old comp going so Nick, Matt, Angus and Steve can duke it out, but will also introduce a second comp for the mortals among us. This will incorporate ideas like bonus, double point days, extra points for newbies getting their first of a species, harbour or shore dive bonuses, and a couple of extra points here and there for being a good bastard. 

Competition Submission Form

Original Competition Rules
  1. Summer champs run from December 1st through to 31st of May
  2. Winter champs run from 1stof June through the 30th of November
  3. Only Sons of Tangaroa members can enter
  4. All entries must be either posted on the club page tagging Matthew Whelan or private messaging through to him.
  5. Fish that go by length must have a photo with a tape showing the length of the fish
  6. Fish that go by weight only need a photo of the fish on scales showing the weight
  7. All fish must be spared solo (backup shots are okay but only if the gun is loaded and fired by yourself)
  8. All fish must be within the Sons of Tangaroa club area which is (Lottin Point to Thames)
  9. Only one fish weighed in per season, per diver
  10. There is no up weighing of your fish, once you have weighed in a species you cannot replace that later with a bigger fish
  11. Fish do not have to be gilled and gutted to weigh in

Mystery Weight

These fish will have a mystery weight and whichever fish is closest to that weight at prize giving will win

  • Kahawai
  • Trevally
  • Butterfish
  • Kingfish
  • Snapper

Average Weight

All total fish weights added up at prize giving and divided by total number of fish weighed in.

  • Butterfish
  • Kahawai

Photo Competition

Take the best photo you can of your fish that you are weighing in, and committee will judge the best or most creative photos

  • First place
  • Second place
  • Third place

Most Species

First place prize for most species weighed in over each competition

Most Overall Points

Most overall points at the end of competition takes home the Sons of Tangaroa Champion Shield

Spot Prizes

Random spot prizes on night to anybody who has weighed in at least one fish


Below is the Points Table. It might be easier to embed the table into the form. 

Points Table
Group 1 Fish Species / Points234
Blue Mao Mao<25 cm25-35 cm35+cm
Kahawai<1 kg1-2 kg2kg +
Porae<1.5 kg1.5-3 kg3kg +
Paua<128cm128-140 cm140cm+
Scallop110 mm110 – 125 cm125cm +
Blue Moki45-55cm55-65cm65 cm+
Group 2 Fish Species / Points3579
Pink Mao Mao30 cm30 -38 cm38 cm+
Squid20 cm20 – 30 cm30 cm+
Kingfish15 cm15 – 25 cm25 – 35 kg35 kg+
Trevally30 cm30 – 55 cm55 – 70 cm70 cm+
Blue Cod35 cm35 – 42 cm42 cm
Red Crayfish1 kg1 – 1.75 kg1.75-2.5kg2.5 kg+
Packhorse Crayfish2 kg2 – 3 kg3kg
Group 3 Fish Species / Points57911
John Dory1 kg1 – 2 kg2 kg+
Gurnard30 cm30 – 40 cm40 cm+
Tarakihi30 cm30 – 40 cm40 cm+
Snaller2 kg2 – 4.5 kg4.5-8 kg8 kg
Boarfish< 3 kg3 – 4.5 kg4.5 kg+
Set Point
2 Points>KoheruMulletPigfishGoatfish
3 Points>Copper MokiFlounderStargazer
Bonus FishPoints
Yellowfin Tuna18
Golden Snapper12
Skipjack Tuna10
Albacore Tuna13
Mahi Mahi14

The original rules can be found in the adjacent image

Points Table

Below is a mockup of a table that is linked to the submission form
Check out the competition leaders below

Competition Rules - The People's Champion

This competition is designed to give everyone a chance of winning if they do a bit of planning and have luck on their side. A lot of thought needs to be put into it

We use the same points as the original competition

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed competitors of the main comp are not eligible for this competition


Double point days

1. New years day

2. Your partner’s birthday

3. 20/1/2023


Newbie Bonus

Double points if it is the first time you have caught a species


Club Night Bonus

Anyone who brings a kaimoana starter to the club meeting will get 3x extra points. 


Shore Dive / Harbour Dive

Any fish caught via shore dive or in the harbour will get 1x extra point each. 


Below is a summary of self reported points. We will double check these points at the end of the season


We’re looking for some feedback on the entire system, this is intended to be a quick mockup at this stage. 

What is the entry criteria

What can the prizes be (I can through in a box or so of product)

What species can we add

How many days, and which days can we choose as bonus days? 

What should the duration be? Will it be just a summer comp? 

Is everyone happy with the concept? 

Is there anything else we should be doing to keep it interesting

Can we add a bit more than flounder for night diving. Piper are fun and tasty, and so is eel. 

What can we name the categories? 

Electrolyte Starter

Drink + Gel Newbie Combo

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