Hayley Mackey


Hayley’s love for judo turned to global success with her first international medal at the Algiers African Open in 2022. Being part of the Judo NZ team, it looks like the world stage will be her home for quite some time representing Aotearoa New Zealand.

Quinn Boyle

Ultra Endurance Swimmer

Quinn found his passion of ultra endurance swimming at a very early age. He has swum across NZ’s largest lake and at 16, was the first athlete to finish the 24.2m Firth of Thames Ultra Marathon Swim in 2022! He may be too young, but Boyle is determined to reach greater heights!

Cam Anderson

Mountain Biking

Cam is a multi-year sponsored athlete and R-Line has been rooting for his success ever since. He championed both U15 National XCO and U15 Oceania XC. Cam also had some good standings recently with Emersons 3 Peak Enduro and internationally at EWS Whistler 80 (U17). He’s still young and we believe that the trail on his MTB journey will be filled with great riding stories!

Nick Tomsett

Lawn Bowler

Any sport that involves spending long days in the summer sun is one that we are interested in. Lawn bowls has a strong tradition in NZ, and we’re here to watch out for Nick. He competed and earned several awards including NZ Mens Championship Pairs. This proves that he is already a force to reckon with and with our lower carb Activity Drink on his side, he is prepared for higher honours!

Ella Cooper- Levin


Ella has championed several equestrian competitions all over the country, including the Thoroughbreds in Equestrian Dressage series.The sport she’s into maybe dominated by male equestrians, but she’s breaking stereotypes and continuously excelling in the field.

Ethan Batt

Road Cyclist 

At a young age of 19, Ethan already has a long list of achievements that he can always be proud of. Aside from winning the best U23 category and King of the Mountain competition, he’s currently signed for the NZ Blackspoke Pro Cycling Team and now training with the team to keep their current rank as the number 1 continental team in the world for road cycling. 

Athlete Sponsorship Application Form

Thank you for your interest in the R-Line Electrolyte Drink sponsorship program. We keep an eye out for sportsmen and sportswomen who are striving to reach their full potential to achieve their goals, at regional, national and international levels. Our short-term sponsorship deals aim to help you reach or goal or sporting milestone while we follow your story on social media. A sponsorship typically focusses on an event like nationals or an international competition. We usually keep a relationship going with athletes post-sponsorship with things like free event entries and discounted product. The R-Line range features 2 batch tested options for high-performance athletes. Fill out the form below and we will be in contact. This application form is for New Zealand based athletes only aged 16 and over.

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